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you_are_pretty's Journal

Everyone Is Beautiful
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Welcome. ^_^ This is a community for everybody to express their own beauty. Trust me, you all do have it! xD I don't care what some freakin' community says. There's a lot of superficial people out there, but who cares what they think? :)

Anybody can join. Show us pictures of yourself! Post lyrics that describe you or anything. Beauty doesn't have to be in humans either. It can be anything that you find attractive. Because everybody is gorgeous. :D

The Captain of this 'ship' is none other than xxxblack_catxxx!! So I expect all of you to have fun! ^_^!

Others who are helping me are katie8787 and chicha ^_^ Thanks guys!


Uhh, you can say this is the 'COUSIN' community of seek_happiness, a little place where people can express what makes them happy. ^_^ It's a place where depressed people can get some help too. :D All postive. Check it out!